brick flooring diy

The Benefit of Brick Flooring

Brick is usually used as the material makes the wall, building or fence. Usually bricks covered with a layer of cement or sand to make a wall, but also usually shown completely without cover to show the texture and arrangement of these bricks. Of these purposes, rarely people think of the other uses of brick. This material is actually not only can be used to make a wall, but can […]

black laminate flooring lowes

Black Laminate Flooring for Kitchen

Choose a design for the kitchen is small but it is not easy, especially on the flooring part. The kitchen is usually used for matters related to cooking. And cooking part is certainly also related to oil, grease and dirty. To ensure your safety while in the kitchen, you need materials that anti-slip and easy to clean, especially for flooring. Here the writer has design black laminate flooring for the […]

basement flooring ideas tile

Best Basement Flooring Ideas and Options

If you have a basement in your home, the most important thing is to determine the purpose of your basement. If you will use the space primarily as storage areas, then you might consider an epoxy coating that you will use for the space. You must consider about an option about saving your budget, and also the option to the appearance of your basement. This allows the basement flooring ideas […]

barn wood flooring virginia

Is Barn Wood Flooring Bad for your House?

Some of our readers are asking us to make some reviews about the barn wood flooring. As you might have known that the barn wood flooring has many definitions to be understood. Some people have the view that this barn wood is the alias of the reclaimed wood flooring and some say that the this one is the wood model which has the similar colors like what we usually see […]

bamboo solid wood flooring

Myriad Benefits Of Using Bamboo Wood Flooring In Your House

Bamboo wood flooring is often become the alternative one when the price of other hardwood-made flooring is high or the substance of other woods are rare to find. The other reasons are just because it is not only exotic in appearance but also some believe that this bamboo stuff flooring is more nature-friendly. Apart from those advantages, there are more myriad benefits if you decide to use bamboo flooring into […]

laminate flooring bamboo style

Real Bamboo vs Bamboo Laminate Flooring: The Difference Explanation of Advantages

One of our crew’s clients is an Asian person, her name is Naomi. Even though she lives in the neighborhood of urban society in the middle of many skyscrapers nearby, that is not stopping her from making a house which is really feels like homeland. With the concept of minimalist, she packed the style of oriental taste. She place some Asian ornamentations and the decoration which is really similar with […]